Angelina's Dream Foundation

Angelina's Dream Foundation - Igniting Hopes, Creating Dreams." In memory of Angelina, a sparkling soul whose life was tragically cut short at 16, our family founded Angelina's Dream Foundation. Her dreams were as vibrant as her spirit, and through this endeavor, we strive to keep them and her legacy aflame. Angelina possessed an extraordinary desire to make a positive impact and see the goodness in every person she encountered. Her selflessness knew no bounds. Whether it was offering her own lunch money to classmates in need or encouraging us to extend a helping hand to homeless individuals with heartfelt compassion, Angelina consistently sought to alleviate the suffering of others. Moreover, she fearlessly stood up for those facing adversity, tirelessly championing the cause of those subjected to bullying. At school, she found solace in extending a helping hand to a special needs student who often sat alone, weaving kindness into their lives. Angelina's passion for beauty, and her dreams of nurturing others' inner radiance, were cut short. Yet, we're committed to ensuring her dreams thrive in the hearts of many. Our initial endeavor is to light the path for aspiring beauty enthusiasts by offering scholarships to Cheeks Beauty Academy, the institution where Angelina dreamt of honing her skills. But our mission doesn't stop there. To celebrate Angelina's zest for life, we are crafting a series of community events, moments of joy and unity that raise funds and foster a sense of togetherness, reflecting the vibrant community spirit Angelina held so dear. Ultimately, Angelina's Dream Foundation aims to ripple out Angelina's undying love for her community. As we grow, we will explore more avenues to uplift and support our local youth and community, Provide assistance where needed, and paint the world with the vivid colors of love, compassion, and unity that Angelina so cherished. In her name, we dream. In her memory, we act. With Angelina's Dream Foundation, we are not just preserving our precious Angelina's memory - we are making her dreams a reality for others. Together, we can create a symphony of fulfilled dreams, echoing Angelina's spirit for